Chai pe Charcha


In one of my design classes i was asked to doodle the tee stains. It was one of the most interesting assignments so far because we had to be as spontaneous as possible and make something unplanned. and then it occurred to me, isn’t this what life is about? you never know what’s going to come up next….but then, you don’t stop doodling out something beautiful out of whatever knocks your door!! And yeah, believe me, that advertisement, “DAAG ACHE HAIN” is genuine after all xD 😛 🙂


The photograph


Time grows old

And here I’m,


With my frayed face

And uneven edges


Turning into curves

My eyes are foggy

But my memories,

Memories are crystal

I used to mark her books

Travel those back pockets of blue jeans

Was stuck on the mirror

To remind her

And watch her tears trickle down

And that smile

Smile, which appeared at times

When she stared at me for long

Time is growing old

Very old

And now,

She keeps me in that brown album

Stalked away

With atlases and yearbooks

And I wait for that once

Once, in few months

Months, that will soon turn into years

I wait,

Wait when she will rush to the shelf

And take out the brown album

And hold me in her ageing fingers

And stare,

Stare at the picture of her mother

Her mother,

She has never seen…

I love. But differently.

A tear trickled down his cheek

At the reflection of a mirror, that doesn’t lie

He stared at his body that captured him

In invisible chains, he uttered ‘why’?


I chose to love differently

But then I love, not hate like them

So is it too hard to accept

Me, as whoever I’m?


It’s not my disability, it’s my choice

See I’m a human, look at me

If it’s too hard to welcome

Then all I ask is let me be


They stare at me

Eyes burning

Whispers accusing

Fingers pointing

Laughter mocking


When will they realize?

I’m part of the plan

His plan

In His world

He created


They paint me with the colour of shame

This bleak world

And I’m to blame

And why?!

I chose to love.


But differently…..





The eyes that search for

In the crowd

Blinking away million stares

Blinded by it’s own veil

Veil of hope

To see a promise fulfill

But then,

The time that tells the truth

Turns mirror to those aged eyes

Though tired they are

But never lost

Loose a single tear

To the mirror

And still deny

Peering into and

Among those millions….